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Today 12:15 pm

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS - Villager cancels Link's Final Smash


Is the Villager OP?

Today 12:13 pm

Anyone want cooking mama 5? xDDD

yeah...u heard me...5 xD

Yesterday 10:58 pm

Bayonetta 2 - Nintendo Cosplay (Wii U)

Yesterday 12:23 pm

I hate when pressing the touch screen with your thumbs to be the overall gameplay. If it was a combination of buttons and touch screen...then that would be fine for me...

Touchscreen with for me...with thumbs...not so much

Yesterday 9:35 am

I HOPE button aren't ever replaced by touchscreens.
The few times I've played with them they always seemed unreliable and somewhat unresponsive.

16 Sep, 2014 2:12 pm

Succeeding the Nintendo 3DS in a Smartphone World … one-world/

really interesting article u guys! big_smile

15 Sep, 2014 11:42 am

It's think in a game all about showcasing a bunch of big or unique IPs (Or in some cases, reviving them) they'd try a bit harder to make every character as unique as possible.

15 Sep, 2014 6:55 am

Thanks for that Kirby!

Im actually liking Pit's one coz his one in brawl was too OP...but this one...I think you actually have to aim? But I might be wrong. I love Shulk's, it's so clever xD
Why the heck did they put in the Koopalings...-___- was that even necessary...
Dark Pit's is totally like Zelda's and Sheik's...
And Palentena's looks SOOO OP

But Im not sooo concerned with the final smashes coz my brother and I turn them off xD More competition involved HA XD

15 Sep, 2014 1:32 am

(Now that we know the full roster, i must say, I'm super disappointed that Isaac isn't in it, but I've been preparing for this moment. I'm not as crushed. Still really sad though)

Yeah. I'm loving both Villager and Megaman.

I also feel like I must vocalize my thoughts of the Final Smashes:
Here's a video

~Mii Brawler: Just Ike's FS, just with fists.... really lame. Ike FS clone #1
~Sword Fighter: Pretty cool. Nothing special. Not an FS clone, but still just meh
~Mii Gunner: A Smaus FS clone...... yep... hmm
~Mario: GOSH DANG IT. terrible. Mario, with all these game under his belt, couldn't manage a canon final smash. Seriously, let him shoot giant,  golden fire balls from NSMB2 or something. Not this terrible waste
~Luigi: I liked his FS from Brawl cause it was original, but a canon FS isn't bad either. It's not quite as unique as Brawl's, but it's still fine. especially since it's actually canon
~Peach: Still just as fine and unique. keep up the good work, Peach. Just.... get a Daisy alt next time around
~Bowser: Just like Brawl. It's fine and Giga Bowser has a history with Smash so it's okay. I just have a cool idea that I'll get to maybe another time. It's a more unique idea as well
~Yoshi: Nerfed, as it should be, so it's better
~Bowser Jr.: Very cool Shadow Mario cameo. LOVING THE KOOPALING ALTS
~Wario: Still fine. A little overpowered I think, at least in Brawl. I can't really tell how much different they made it
~Donkey Kong: Improved with the beats in for you so people can actually tell when to hit, making it a semi-competent smash. Still a little underpowered though
~Diddy Kong: Nothing to say. Just as Brawl's. Not a super cool one, but nothing terrible
~Link: GOSH DANG IT. Same with Mario, they couldn't manage to make a canon FS. I mean, the triforce is canon, but he doesn't really do something like that....
~Zelda: Same as Brawl, and there's nothing I have against it
~Sheik. While there's nothing I have against the move in itself, she should have had a new one... It's EXACTLY the same.
~Ganondorf: Just fine
~Toon Link: FURIOUS. Not only did they keep the Triforce Slash, a noncanonical move, both Links kept it. Give Toon Link a unique one. Like call in a tornado that whisks people away. Call the pirate ship to shoot cannon balls. run  em over with a train. ANYTHING
~Samus: same. Besides the fact that there are FS clones (Mii Gunner), I have nothing against Samus having it
~Zero Suit Samus: Awesome!! She took Snake's FS, which is complete fine since he's not in SSB4
~Pit: Pretty great. Better than Brawls
~Palutena: behind all the flashiness, it's practically a Samus FS clone.... You just need people in range to do it... hmm//
~Marth: Fine
~Ike: Ohhhhhh dear. I mean, Ike is the original user of this FS so it's okay, but the amount of FS clones is disastrous
~Robin; IKE FS clone #2
~Kirby: While I like that they changed it to keep it relevant to recent Kirby games (RtDL), It's pretty much a Link FS clone. Slash, slash slash slash..... slow build up. SLASH. Meh. (I think Kirby should have had this while the Link's got something new)
~King Dedede: I wanted him to get Masked Dedede as an FS, but this is okay too. Masked Dedede would have been better
~Meta Knight: Same. Fine
~Little Mac: I predicted it. I know we found out a while ago in a daily pic, but when i made my SSB wishlist with FS idea, Giga Mac was my Little Mac idea (FYI Giga Mac is canonical. He's in Punch Out Wii)
~Fox: meh. same, tired FS from Brawl
~Falco: MEH. Should have had something original. He even STATES he hates the ground, so why give him a ground based FS??????????
~Pikachu: Same. No real complaints
~Charizard: Coool Mega evo. looks underpowered though
~Lucario: Same exact reaction as Charizard. Literally read Charizard's and the exact thing can be said for Lucario
~Jigglypuff: Cool cool just like Brawl
~Greninja: mad thats cool. JUST ANOTHER IKE FS CLONE. Ike FS Clone #3
~Ness: Different than Brawl, but still PK Star Storm. Just fine. I still think his should be PK Rockin because Ness can't use Star Storm (or most of his moves for that matter) in Earthbound
~Captain Falcon: Cool. Just like Brawl
~Villager: Nice
~Olimar: Nice nice nice... but the Bulborbs look odd. Hopefully the Bulborbs are rendered better in Wii U...
~WFT: Looks underpowered.
~Dr Mario: A Mario FS clone under all that medication. Shouls have had a more unique one. Like the player playing Tetris with pills (which is pretty much the game with a few alterations)
~Dark Pit. Pretty much a Peach/Sheik FS clone (odd given that he'll most likely be a Pit clone) under all that Dark Pitiness
~Lucina: Exact same was Marth. C'mon Sakurai
~G&W: Just like Brawl. Still cool
~ROB: Changed from Brawl. Looks coller than Brawl, but less unique
~Duck Hunt: Pretty much a Captain Falcon FS clone, but still interesting and weird
~Shulk: Cool cool
~Rosalina: Absolutely terrible. Probably the most underpowered FS in the game. If you are on any stage, you can EASILY dodge the blast. Predictable blast, relatively smash blast radius. I know, if I play Rosalina and have the FS, I will just get it to keep it from other characters, who have much more competent FSs
~Sonic: Loks nerfed. good
~Megaman: cool cool
~Pac-man: hilarious

Overall, the Final Smashes in this are pretty badddddddd. I'd argue Brawl had a better selection of FSs. With fewer unique ones than Brawl (# of characters : unique FSs), I'm sorely disappointed. However, I don't play with the Smash Ball on a lot, so it's not the biggest disappointment, but I still expect more originality than this with Sakurai. With 4 Ikes, 3 Zeldas, 3 Samuses, and a plethora of duos and semi-duos, I can't help but feel defeated. I was half expecting 50% the veterans' FSs to be changed and little to no FS clones. I was wrong.

13 Sep, 2014 11:14 pm

haha I downloaded the smash demo as well. xD It's not bad actually! But imma still get the wii U version xDD I love it how there's a battery symbol on the button scream, so we know if it's gonna run out or not xD

13 Sep, 2014 5:57 pm


13 Sep, 2014 4:26 am


11 Sep, 2014 7:22 am

Well! I'm glad to see that the colours that my bro and I use for Captain Falcon and Pit are still there! big_smile

LOL shulk's last skin is the BEST XD Some of zelda's costumes look fantastic
pacman is like...w-t-f xD

11 Sep, 2014 1:17 am

Hyrule Warriors is looking really cool. Nice cutscene. I just can't really be impressed with the roster. Dynasty Warrior games are known to have massive rosters. Upwards to 80 or something. Zelda definitely had more roster options, maybe not 80, but still.
It still looks really fun though,

And I like that Game Grumps art.

Also, the color palettes have been confirmed for every confirmed SSB4 character

My thoughts:
~I like the Golf Mario. We've already seen it, but still, nice inclusion
~Link's Skyward Sword outfit is meh since it's not a real alt, but DANG Fierce Diety Link (last one. it's hard to see. I saw FDL in a different picture) is gonna be cool. It's almost persuading me to become a Link player (I much prefer Toon Link)
~Almost all of Samus's outfits technically could have all been alts (as each of the suits in the series have some variation in design) but that's sort unreasonable from a time standpoint.
~MASKLESS META KNIGHT. Hot dang. Loving that inclusion. And I'm especially loving it cause it's a Kirby color. You can play as Meta knight, yet not be.
~Fox's Wolf colorization is meh
~I usually don't like Pokemon colorization. Greninja is no exception 
~The last Luigi has got to be a reference to one of the weirdly colored Luigi shots in the Mario cartoon show.
~Rosalina looks fabulous
~No Hilda colorization for Zelda. FOR SHAME
~The Last Ike color looks awesome
~Loving the last two King Dedede colors. besides the original and B/W, I didn't really like the others. the new two are awesome though
~Pikachu's color variations went extreme this time. Don't like them
~Mii hats look nice
~No Daisy alt?? for three games, the closest we've got to playing Daisy was Melee's small design variation. This is sad.
~Red/White/Blue Shiek. lol patriotism
~the red and white Robin makes him/her look like white mages from Final Fantasy
~Dark Meta Knight and Galacta Knight. FANTASTIC!!!! I didn't need alts. these are fine
~Charizard's colors are an improvement from Brawl, but still. I really don't enjoy Pokemon color changes
~The last two female Villagers look... odd.
~What the heck even is Pac-Man's last color. Picnic Pac-Man????
~Still hate every Diddy Kong color. The Dixie color scheme doesn't do her justice
~All of Toon Link's colors are great, as usual
~Little Mac looks great. Lots of variety in his colors, and all fine. The only thing I would have wanted was a Super Punch Out Little Mac color, where he has blonde hair (yes he has blonde on a wire frame, but that's not his Super Punch Out appearance)
~ALPH. ALPH. ALPH. Yes, he looks disproportionate. They simply threw Alph's head on Olimar's body, which doesn't work out because Alph, I'm pretty sure, is shorter. I do like the Brittany and Charlie color schemes though

10 Sep, 2014 6:59 pm



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