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Yesterday 3:44 pm

Aside from Shulk, I hope it's not true. Dr. Mario and Dark Pit, two throwawy characters because they could easily be alts for Mario and Pit, do not make up for Shulk.
And DLC. I strongly dislike DLC
And Isaac isn't there.

Yesterday 2:14 pm


but ****...where's professor Layton?? xDDD

I've got one more week before I can start updating more info! big_smile
yearly exams me god

21 Aug, 2014 3:42 am
The Smash Bros community has another leak on hand, and it's by far the most convincing one yet![img]ssb4-leak-1.jpg[/img][img]ssb4-leak-6.png[/img]

Pretty convincing. Posted by a guy on 4Chan (kind of discredits them, but you never know. People on there are creepily talented though) Gamnesia and GameExplain already did a segment underlining some things for and against it.
In the leak, we have returning Brawl veterans Wario, Mr. Game & Watch, Ganondorf, ROB, Jigglypuff, Falco, and the dearly beloved Ness that has been leaked to hell and back already. We have newcomers Shulk, Dark Pit, Bowser Jr., and the oddball one that has gained lots of attention: Duck Hunt Dog. And another surprise: DR Mario from Melee........

My thoughts (some are brought up because of the video):

Firstly, the design. It's so basic, dull, and ugly. That's not Sakurai
Look at Brawl's. Sakurai makes beautiful menus. Throwing all the icons in boxes and putting a grey background on it is not Sakurai-style. However, this isn't something to disprove anything.

The renderings of all unconfirmed character (except one and kind of two) are beautiful. And another thing about them: they can't be traced anywhere else on the internet. before the leaks, these renders never existed. And they're masterfully crafted. While the leaker could have possibly made all these renders, they'd need to have a lot of skill. But again, you can't prove anything with this info. The two flaws are that Wario's right pupil seems to be displaced. He could be going cross-eyed, but still, it looks off. Secondly, look at Mr. Game and Watch. Does that render look familiar. If you've played Brawl, it should. It very closely resembles his Brawl render, but it still looks a teensy bit different.
However the difference could be just resizing it other edits, but still, the resemblance is uncanny.
I would have expected Mr. Game and Watch to more closely resemble this rendering that the Smash Bros team showed us at E3. Game and Watch has a more reworked design that, in my opinion, makes him more closely resemble his appearance in the LCD games from the 80s

The stages are both convincing and not. The stages shown, in fact all the leaks I think, are for the 3DS version. so all revealed stages are present. There's a few new ones, I think. Or I'm just not remembering. Really, watch the Game Explain video they outline everything much better. Either way, unless they made a lucky guess, having Brinstar (it's cut off in the picture. if you want to see it, watch the video) return, which was confirmed JUST yesterday, could be a huge jump to validating it, unless the creator made a quick adjustment last minute. However, in opposition, the returning stages that were also in Brawl and Melee, namely Corneria, Jungle Japes, and Brinstar, use different designs. While Corneria uses its icon from Brawl, Brinstar uses its icon from Melee. It's hard to tell for Jungle Japes cause its two icons are so similar and the leak is blurry in that picture. And, the returning stages are mixed in with the new ones. Smash has never done that (although it's only a two game precedent). In Melee, they're set below (although they share it with Battlefield and Final Destination... The leak is more sever in that they're thrown around the main body) and in Brawl, they're given a completely separate page.

There's the larger black line in player four's (Kirby) white box where it has the player number and level. That's confirmed to be a glitch that actually happens in the 3DS demo, so that, while originally being an argument against it's validity, has done a 180 turn. Either the creator has fine attention to detail, or it's real.

For Bowser Jr., his render has him on the Koopa Clown Car (most likely. there's its green rim visible). Why would Sakurai have the rendering be like that. Most likely, he wouldn't fight in it. It's flying and clunky. And if it's just his recovery move much like Snake's in Brawl, I doubt his art would depict him in it, just because. I dunno. Not compelling on my side, but still. I just don't think Sakurai would do that.

And the DLC worries me. I hate DLC. And having those characters as DLC is annoying. It's practically confirmed Snake isn't back, but still, I guess, possible. But DLC for those characters seem mean. I would feel cheated if Ice Climbers were my main. It could be a way to get more money, but seriously. And the DLC thing could also just be a way to avoid making more renderings

Another thing is the fact that the characters are thrown all over. Lucina, Dark Pit, and Dr. Mario aren't near their respective game series' area. Bowser Jr. isn't near his dad. Yoshi's dividing up the main Mario characters. However, like old games, the assortment could be unorganized because the DLC characters aren't listed, making the roster technically unfinished. And the Smash series has the tendency to have the roster look unorganized until all characters are unlocked

The Mii Fighters aren't there. However, you may be able to turn them off and on like customization.

Why have Dr Mario when we have 1) customizable moves and 2) alt costumes. His inclusion is unnecessary.

There's so many more things to bring up. Just watch the video. I usually write in a jumbled mess. I'm on the fake side. I do think it's fake, but I'm still cautious. I'm the closest to fence I ever have been on a leak

19 Aug, 2014 9:33 pm

I needed console commands a few times XD
All I can see is that Link is slipping and falling

Also, stalchildren!
Ulfric is sitting...


badum ts

oh gawd I'm so funny
get me an award

19 Aug, 2014 6:13 am

No. unfortunately the console doesn't have console commands. lol
You'd think they'd be able to implement it somehow, but no.

18 Aug, 2014 10:58 pm

I think it takes Bethesda ages because their games are so HUGE.
One thing affects the other.

A friend of mine said so, he has skyrim on pc, xbox360 and PS3.
He forgot to tell relatives and friends that he already had the game.

Does the console version have consolecommands?
Like SetStage <questid> to finish a quest instead of actually doing it.
or GetStage <questid> to force it to start? There are more codes.
I have to press the "~" button and it pops up.
I also changed the appearance of my character multiple times with console command. Regret it now. My first creation was my best xD

I accidentally deleted the floor with console commands as well:

18 Aug, 2014 12:02 pm

I have only 3GB of ram, but a 2.30GHz dual core processor.
The problem is I have some crummy intel express 4 chipset or some nonsense as a graphics processor so a lot of games won't run well or at all on my laptop.
Heck, even an older game like Fallout: New Vegas (Which runs on either the same or a slightly earlier build of the Unreal engine that Skyrim runs on) only gets like 6fps max when I've tried to play it.

Lame you had your game glitch out like that. I wasn't aware the console versions were considered less buggy. In fact...I thought they were considered MORE buggy. I was lucky because I got my copy for the PS3 like a year or more after release and I'd read it had issues shortly before that. Apparently after you'd played the game for a while it would start losing frames and becoming terribly laggy because of an issue with how it saved the game. It took them forever to release a patch for this from what I understand and that was only one problem.

18 Aug, 2014 11:19 am

My Laptop has
1.9Ghz (I wish I had more though)

And it runs Skyrim at a rather smooth 30fps.
There are a few lags, but that they aren't worth mentioning since most of the game goes pretty well.

I didn't know the Legion were just saving up strength to fight the Thalmor back, but I also understand Ulfric's motives. I settled with Ulfric instead because I can kind of relate I guess XD

The country my grandma is from exists as a province.
Any signs of desire for independence of the province is harshly punished.

Just as the Thalmor goes around and arrests whoever worships Talos.

I got to be honest, I would get money or something I could sell for money if I gave some evidence of Talos worshipment to some fancy dark elf. And I did it. And the guy got arrested. I feel bad ;A;

Anyways, Skyrim broke itself three times.
I finished the Stormcloak questline but the siege for Solitude never ends.
Ulfric gave his speech and then walked towards the Blue Palace I think.
When I left Solitude and re-entered it said something about helping soldiers, but the siege was already over. City was still in flames.
Waiting didn't help.
Reloading didn't help.
I tried console commands. Certain objectives in the stormcloak-questline weren't marked as finished. So I wanted to mark them as finished, but the console commands couldn't save or compile the script.
So I went back to an older save OTL

I'm also trying to buy a house in Windhelm but I need to finish the quest Blood on the Ice first. However, that one won't even start.

For as far as I can remember, you won't encounter dragons IN Whiterun.
However, some dead dragon is following me around. Everytime I enter the cell/map (idk what it's called) of Whiterun, this dragon spawns in front of me and lies there dead. He doesn't give me a dragon soul and he doesn't turn to bones and I can only loot him for an Imperial Helm and Imperial Sword.

I love this game, but it's so buggy ;A;

I heard the console versions of the game was less bugged.

18 Aug, 2014 12:51 am

That would be pretty sweet. I bet someone has or will make a mod of that. Too bad I don't have Skyrim on PC. xD It WAS on sale for like 5 USD a while back, but I already have like 3 games I bought for super cheap that I can't play on my terrible laptop.

Yeah though, I agree with the idea the Stormcloaks had of kicking out the Imperials for being a bunch of assimilating jerkwads taking orders from the Thalmor. (Although they had expressed merely trying to keep the peace until they could retaliate) But SO many of the Stormcloaks were jerks! Especially the jarls. Pretty much all of the Stormcloak sided jarls made me want to murder them in their sleep at some point or another.

17 Aug, 2014 7:41 pm

I'm carrying this Stormcloak army and yet:

I wish you could start your own army and crush the imperials and kick Stormcloakbutt and tell the Stormcloaks that prejudice/xenophobia/racism is just wrong and you should judge someone based on his/her individual actions.

I joined Stormcloaks anyway because the idea of another country barging into yours and telling you what to do and arresting you for expressing certain beliefs infuriates me. Also, Ulfric's voice is s e x y u_u

16 Aug, 2014 10:30 pm

I wish that Skyrim had a "screw both sides, but still take part in the battles to defend people you like" option.
I had to join the stupid Imperials just to help out Balgruuf.

16 Aug, 2014 2:59 pm


Battle for Whiterun:
2 frame per second.

Strictly looking at specs, my CPU isn't supposed to be able to run ESV:Skyrim, yet it does for 30fps which is good enough for me. But all of a sudden, 2 fps DX

It's so horrible, but I'll play it...
I want to help Ulfric-senpai.

15 Aug, 2014 9:48 am

Hey guys! big_smile Just letting you guys know that I got final exams coming up soon...-roughly 2 weeks from now- and won't be able to pop in for some news and etc. hmm So I'll be busy studying and shat...the teachers gave us such a late notice I hate it...

So if you guys could continue keeping this fanclub alive, that would be more than enough for me ;3

big_smile I'll still be in...but not everyday~

13 Aug, 2014 3:27 pm


and I heard he's been nerfed. Obviously because of his superiority in Brawl. I don't know in what ways besides they changed a bit of his recovery. Instead of one loop and a glide, it's two loops and no glide. I guess that so far it's a valid nerfing (although much more in required), but it breaks the move from being true to the game (that attack is based off a Wing Ability move from Kirby Super Star, and later appeared as one of Meta Knight's moves in Kirby's Return to Dream Land)

13 Aug, 2014 2:11 am

You don't really need a "reason" to be depressed. (Outside of the scientific ones.)
I wasn't really sad at first about the Robin Williams thing to be honest, but the more I hear about it the more depressing it gets.

Anywho, I vote we talk about happy things again. Like Ganondorf's fabulous hair.

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