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#1 11 Apr, 2017 9:13 pm


I made a similar post a few days ago, which mysteriously disappeared, so here goes again! roll
With such little activity these days, it is easy for a shameless artist to win daily awards by multiple commenting their own drawings and faving with duplicate accounts from the same IP address. They also gain unfairly high positions in top drawing and top artist ranking due to these same unscrupulous practices.
If an artist's own comments didn't count, and faving was limited to once per IP address, then I am sure it woud reflect a fairer and more honest view of the best drawings.
I know most people here draw for sheer joy, but it makes me so angry to watch the system being exploited. mad


#2 12 Apr, 2017 1:19 pm


before deleting this , read it and take some action , please :

fakes random accounts  used to fav/com  seconds after streetlevel drawings were saved, same ip  : - the award giver when she can t steal the daily ones. ( she already forgot about this one , interesting to see if it s coming back now that i m posting the link) ( -same case ) ( and another one )

STREETLEVEL  Aug 04, 2014  Reply
9 faves 21 comments and all the awards went to a draw with less... Why is that? Sad sad day at RMD. Favoritism means more here than loyalty and true effort for original work instead of internet copies or photoshop draws. So Sad!

STREETLEVEL replied:  Jul 05, 2014  Reply
Solaris got an award for July 4th but is still posted on Todays top draws. Go figure. Same thing happened yesterday with Luanne's draw . Totally skipping draws from the correct day. PS I also have more favs than Solaris...

Kujowolf1 replied:  Jul 05, 2014  Reply
They've cheated you out of so many awards Nj. Sorry they did this one too. Its a great draw! I favorited it! Love your work! I remember when you started. You have come so far im surprised you dont have a most improved award!

TREETLEVEL replied:  Jul 05, 2014  Reply
They gave the awards to a drawing posted on July 3rd instead of mine on the 4th. Hows that for cheating? No offense to Luanne but she posted her draw July 3rd not the 4th. I have asked RMD WHY in the forum. I still have more favs than she does?

( i bet that Luanne felt really "good" after reading this , just terrible to ruin something she probably deserve to won not by making  fake accounts fave+ comm and demand awards like they are made just for her)

TREETLEVEL replied:  Aug 10, 2014  Reply
This draw was #1 all day and night and they gave the awards to a draw done on 8/8 that still has less favs and comments. I guess I am not wanted here and there is no honesty among thieves. Improvement is ignored and favoritism is the norm. SAD!

TREETLEVEL replied:  Aug 10, 2014  Reply
Thank you I appreciate your comment. Too bad it was cheated out of its awards. I guess its not that good after all and my time was wasted drawing it. RMD doesnt care about me or what I do.

yourhonor  Apr 18, 2016  Reply
The more I see your work the more I like what you have to say! I love the fact that you are original and do not repost or copy others or use photoshop to enhance your work. Beautiful. Fav and collect and Like! 
- ( no bullying others at all ..)

yourhonor  Apr 15, 2016  Reply
Thank you for capturing the simple elegant beauty of a rose. Great technique with the light showing through! It's refreshing to see someone on here who does not use photoshop or repost old drawings to drive their ratings up. Thank you!   
( no bullying others again ..and wow this "friend " is so obsessed about "others" when they not even draw ., what an existence , just bullying and praising the one and only nj .interesting )

Yourthebest  Jan 06, 2017  Reply
You continue to show incredible skill and maturity as an artist. Your work is so far above the others on this site who have no real original thinking. Thank you Nj it's always a joy to see your work!
( ok let s see , you may think is the first one , but look , is not the honor one is best one ...saying just the same and being fixed on how terrible is everyone else than her bullying , mods? is this OK for you ?? )

yourhonor  Apr 03, 2016  Reply
This is incredibly beautiful like all the rest of your work. You have a wonderful eye for color and texture. Your work is so much more advanced than others on this site. Thank you NJ! Your work is a joy to see!
( the first your one appears and gives the same comment ,  i really hope that no one will dare to tell me this is a comment between friends and is not what streetlevel really thinks about you while leaving comments ending in "my friend"

RMD MEMBER  Aug 21, 2015  Reply
Agree this is really pretty and so realistic! Looks like the place I was last night . Fav
STREETLEVEL replied:  Aug 21, 2015  Reply
Where were you? Thank you for the kind words!  (  . strange question to ask someone from the same ip )

for the moderator who had the best intentions but did not  checked if a person should be featured or not : i hope you know you made a mistake , you do encourage a multiple personality bully ! i m not stupid and i m not blind , i liked her drawings and i let her know it until i saw the first fake accounts appearing , i did not said anything cause i thought is your job to do something , but now this person actually ask you to not let anyone who don t draw for 90 days to take ranks back ( not even knowing they are not lost ) anyway this is annoying , how much cheating can be done . Do you need to wait to "brother" yourmajesty to emerge from the same ip and bully the rest of the artist a little bit ? yourroyalawesomest ?
I do not care in any way  if you have a problem with me for saying this , i have no reason to stay in such a place if you continue to not take any action against this person ,  and more ,to delete our comments that are simply trying to fix RMD , nobody has anything personal with anyone , is simply do things right or go home type of situation smile
you have to make a choice RMD , there are many people that are not comfortable with being judged if they take an award , if they advance in ranks , they (we ) don t need any of this , is simply passion for drawing and i used to read those comments about how we stole her awards and feel like never drawing again just to not be in her way or another person who really cares about that .  great drawing mood .. right ? ..
so you understand why we are trying to fix this or find other places that are competitive just about the quality of drawings , if they are at all .

and ofc , the double, triple , actually 90% personal comments given by one person .. i think starfighter said it way  better than me  .

have a great day ..


#3 14 Apr, 2017 1:55 pm


Hello. My first comment on the latest thread was removed too .
I'd like to say i m inspired by your courage to speak up when no one else does .
My two cents on this is that we all have friends and family but i don't see anyone else using them like that ,i hope someone will read both of your opinions and save RMD  ,sadly ,now looks like it's abandoned.


#4 14 Apr, 2017 11:02 pm


Thank you both for your support and sharing your thoughts smile
I know it causes anxiety to speak out, but it is a worse feeling to let unfair behaviour go unchallenged
I agree that even if it is family and friends using the empty accounts, it is a questionable practise. My mum would have given me five hearts for a crayon drawing when i was 4 years old! So the comments and faves are meaningless, especially when they are so partisan and support no other artists.
If RMD has been abandoned, then it is up to us to conduct ourselves with fairness and with dignity


#5 16 Apr, 2017 8:06 am


for me is clear when someone simply make the choice to leave things how they are cause is ..simple. no care about what is fair or what is not .
the mods are here and they think that now is their job to delete stuff on draw chats and that s all , no banning the cheaters or anything.
and more , the fact that we are ignored is very disrespectful , but choices are made , i rather 100% to draw online cause i don t have the space , and i really have technical problems with stuff but i guess is the time to push myself and invest in some upgrades that will allow me to create in photoshop or something and go on deviant , a site that i really dislike for having the paid side so more much advantageous. but i guess is fair in this kind of world to get more if you have money then if you put passion in it.
so have fun here , good luck at pretending that people will shut up for long , there is not such a thing as people who are real that don t have a phone , and don t have their own internet with their own ip , if you believe streetlevel s bully side is not a bad thing great , but i won t let my comments be a cheap trade tool , i actually struggle to make them a little bit understandable smile) so i do care about each drawing and i m not a fake person who act nice just to use people  , so if your choice is fake and easy over make an effort and make things right , good luck rmd smile !


#6 16 Apr, 2017 4:03 pm


This travesty will become a tragedy if talented, inspiring, encouraging artists like Vis_in_vis are driven away from this site by the conceit of another sad


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