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Draw Homer Simpson In Microsoft Paint

I will teach you the oh so glorious ways of Matt Groening, and even a few from meself. Now you shall learn how to draw one of Americaís most famous fictional idiots, and no, itís not Spongebob, and no, itís not whatís-his-face on Naruto, itís Homer Jay Simpson.

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Draconis Polaris
Tools used: Microsoft Paint or similar drawing programs.




Step 1

Before we begin our pixilated journey of drawing our glorious Homer, let me review over the basics of what we are about to do...

This tutorial requires the knowledge of how to draw spheres and other sophistimacated stuff (which are circles for now) and understand their dimensions. Why must we know this, you ask, the Simpsons are TWO-dimensional!? AREN'T THEY!?

Well, yes and no. The Simpsons are much more dimensional and rounded than what they appear to be at first glance. Cylinders and spheres are the most commonly used little thingies when drawing them.

*Twiddles fingers*

Also, you must know how to make perfectly straight lines and perfect shapesÖthe easy way. When you want to make a perfectly straight horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line, hold down the SHIFT key after you have clicked on your little drawing space thingy. Same goes for a circle, hold down SHIFT.

Mastery of the curve tool is also recommended. If you have not mastered it, use the line tool. However, it will be much harder that way.


Step 2

Now we begin our magnificent journey of learning how to draw Homer. First, make a long vertical line; the longer it is, the larger your Homer will turn out. I also recommend that you use the same colors as I throughout the whole tutorial.

Now create a decently large circle (remember to hold SHIFT down and to not let go of the key until you have let go of the mouse button), and center it directly in the middle of the gray line.

Create a slightly smaller circle and center it just above the middle of the larger circle.

Create a smaller circle (which is used for Homerís head) and place it far above the overlapping circles, and then off center to the left some. It is place off center because Homerís head is slanted back slightly.

Lastly, create a horizontal line through the gray one. This will determine the placement of several other thingies later.



Step 3

Study the image shown to the left. The green lines are the ones that have been newly added. Notice that the two largest circles are connected, Homerís muzzle is drawn at an angle, Homerís shirt line is rounded (it fits him to where it looks rounded off), and that an ear, which is seen as a circle for now, is added. Try to draw the same on your outline. This is a very rough draft of Homer.

Remember to slant his head back some, and make a range for his muzzle. His legs are also stocky and thick.


Step 4

The blue lines indicate the newest additions.

First, draw Homerís sexy eyes, which should be about a little bigger than 1/4 of the size of what his headís circle was. Copy it, and then center it also on the gray line. Try to make it resemble as closely as possible as the image provided. As you may have noticed, I had erased the right circleís left side that had overlapped the left eye. This makes things a little clearer.

After that is accomplished, draw his thumb-like nose, which should be attached to his left eye and overlap his right eye some. The nose partially covers the right eye and extends almost to the very right of it. Draw his muzzle, which is somewhat connected to his nose. Make it resemble as closely as possible to the image. Do the same with Homerís shirt collar, forming and ďMĒ shape around towards his thick neck.

The rest of this step can be done by simply referring back to the image. It may also help if you copy and paste it into Paint.

By the way, Homer's ear is detailed further. make a rounded "T" shape for his inner ear. Also notice the shirt's new additions to its bottom.


Step 5

Now we add his arms and shoulder. The latest additions are cyan in color. The red lines are also newÖthey are red because the cyan color would blend with the green and become hard to see; this is because it is a JPEG imageÖ

Draw a slightly larger circle (compared to the eyes) and place it BELOW Homerís shirt collar. Draw his short shirt sleeve around it, and then draw a slightly smaller circle (compared to the shoulderís) and place it directly in the middle of the horizontal gray line.

Connect his shoulder on the newly created circle together, creating an arm. Now draw Homerís chubby, short fingers on the smaller circle, which is obviously used for his hand. Also draw the other shoulder and re-do Homerís shoes, making them more rounded and adding a heel to them.



Step 6

The newest additions are in red. Draw Homerís hairline and eyes. It is optional if you want to draw Homerís arm like I did.

If you do happen to want to draw Homer's arm the way it's shown in the picture, make another circle (which should be the same or similiar size compared to the other circle you used for Homer's other arm) and place it off to the right some near the middle of Homer's gut. Now create Homer's other arm, making lines from Homer's sleeve/shoulder to the newest circle. Create a cylinder and place it over the circle. Draw Homer's fingers wrapped around the cylinder. This may be tough for some; fingers are tough to place and may require a couple of tries.

Also, try to draw the Simpson's eyes off-centered some.


Step 7

Instead of typing for an hour of how to change certain colors to another using the eraser, just copy and paste this image into paint and make the correct lines black.


Step 8

Now erase the color in your outline other than black. Color in your Homer using these colors:

SKIN: RGB- 255,217,15
HOMER'S PANTS: RGB- 0,147,217
HOMER'S SHOES: RGB- 56,56,56
HOMER'S "BEARD": RGB- 209,178,112

To get these colors, double-click any color in your color box thingy, and click where it says "Define Custom Colors". There to the far right, you will see three options to where you can enter numbers that say Red, Green, and Blue (RGB). Enter those numbers above to the correct field. After you have done this, click "OK".

If you want to shade in your Homer like me, double click your custom color that you want to change to your highlight color. Then, click "Define custom colors" once again and click and hold down the black arrow that can be found to the far right of the dialog box. Drag it to the color that you want, and click OK.

If you want a color that is not found in your toolbox but is found in your drawing, click the "pick color" option (beside the magnifying glass) and hold down the mouse button and drag your cursor to the spot of the color that you want.

Now you have completed this very long, annoying, and pointless tutorial.


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